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Acoustically Aided INS and Motion Sensing

Sonardyne’s aided inertial navigation systems are designed for the most demanding subsea survey, construction and vessel positioning applications.

At their centre is the Lodestar motion sensing instrument platform (Attitude and Heading Reference System-AHRS) which is tightly integrated with Sonardyne’s acoustic positioning components; providing power and control of surface and subsea transceivers as well as instruments such as Doppler Velocity Logs. The seamless integration of acoustics and inertial technologies exploits the long term accuracy and precision characteristics of acoustic positioning with the continuous availability and fast update rate from high grade inertial sensors.

DP-INS For Ranger 2 and Marksmanrounded

Key Features
Incorporates Sonardyne's 6G® Technology
Incorporates Sonardyne's Wideband 2® signal Technology
Dramatically faster and easier to set-up, calibrate and operate
Single box solution for motion 
sensor and gyrocompass
Provides an independent DP reference
Ride through capability - resilient to effects such as aeration and noise
LUSBL accuracy from a single transponder
Independence from GPS disruptions
Update rates to match DP model
Three fold improvement over standard USBL repeatability
Potential for fuel and operational savings
DP-INS (Digital Version)
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Acoustic and inertial. Perfectly aligned.

Lodestar GyroCompatt rounded

Key Features
Incorporates Sonardyne's 6G® Technology
Incorporates Sonardyne's Wideband®2 signal Technology
Sonardyne Wideband® acoustic positioning transponder and Lodestar AHRS unit in a single subsea housing
Rechargeable 20 hour internal battery pack; option for external power
Acoustic and manual ROV On/Off switch for Lodestar AHRS
Upgradable to LBL aided INS
Sonardyne Wideband® and Kongsberg HPR 400 compatible
Autonomous data logging mode (sensor data and ranges)
Faster command and configuration
Simultaneous ranging and sensor data recovery in one transmission
Integrated sound speed and pressure sensor with an additional port for auxiliary sensors
Real time diagnostics on range measurements for quality control
High speed acoustic modem
Compact size for ease of handling and ROV deployment/recovery
Data telegram output and 24 V available for ROV displays
Lodestar GyroCompatt 6
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Lodestar GyroUSBL & GyroiUSBL rounded

Key Features
Incorporates Sonardyne's 6G® Technology
Incorporates Sonardyne's Wideband®2 signal Technology
Transceiver and Lodestar AHRS / INS offering high performance
Available in two versions; standard and deepwater optimised
Calibration free offering rapid set-up
Class leading system precision and accuracy
Sonardyne Marksman, DP-INS and Ranger 2 compatible
Water-blocked transducer array protects electronics in the event of damage
Compatible with Sonardyne’s through-hull, over-the-side and stem tube deployment systems
Lodestar GyroUSBL
Lodestar GyroiUSBL
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Lodestar Motion Sensor rounded

Key Features
Single box solution for motion sensor and gyrocompass
0.04 to 0.1° secant latitude heading accuracy 
0.01 degree roll and pitch accuracy
5 cm / 5% heave accuracy
Fast follow up speed of 500/Sec
Available in surface and subsea versions rated to 1000, 3000, 5000 metres
Ethernet interface
Transport approved Li-ion battery back up as standard
Flexible power input AC or DC
On board 8 GB memory (Expandable to 32 GB)
MTBF Inertial Sensors (RLG and Accelerometer) > 400,000 hours
Lodestar Surface
Lodestar Subsea
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SPRINT Inertial Metrologyrounded

SPRINT Metrology at a glance
Incorporates Sonardyne's 6G® Technology
Incorporates Sonardyne's Wideband 2® signal Technology
SPRINT ROVs are metrology ‘ready’
Easy ROV handling; lightweight sensor protected within ROV
Integration with proven 6G LBL acoustics reduces risk
Use of GyroCompatt or inclinometer Compatts provide hub orientation and transponder mounting QC
Data logged in real time; backed-up using SPRINT’s internal memory
Results available immediately, no need to recover ROV
Independent measurements for QC
SPRINT Inertial Metrology
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SPRINT Subsea Inertial Navigationrounded

Incorporates Sonardyne's 6G® Technology
Incorporates Sonardyne's Wideband 2® signal Technology
ROV and Towfish Positioning
Hydrographic Survey
Offshore Construction
As-Laid and Out of Straightness
Multibeam Survey
ROV DP including mid water station keeping
Touchdown Monitoring
Cut To Length
Structure Placement
SPRINT (Digital Version)
SPRINT Feature Plan
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Syrinx DVLrounded

Features & Benefits
Class-leading precision and accuracy combining 300 kHz and 1200 kHz instruments in one
Easy to set up and use
Reliable and adaptive bottom lock
140 metre high altitude range and low noise, low altitude performance
High update rate even at < 1m altitude
Embedded Web Interface for configuration, self-test and data visualisation
Concurrent outputs (Serial and Ethernet) support use by ROV and Survey teams
Standard 4000 metre rated titanium housing option for Work Class ROVs
Syrinx DVL (PDF)
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